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Fiber Optics

Sumitomo Chemical to Introduce New Long-Fiber Thermoplastic Liquid Crystal Polymers

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies (here) has developed and will soon commercialize a new family of long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds with high-performance liquid crystal polymer (LCP) matrices reinforced with 13-mm chopped carbon fiber or fiberglass.
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5G circuit board with network hologram and HUD

Sumitomo Engineers New LCPs for Rigors of 5G Cellular Communications, Autonomy

Low & consistent dielectric constant, loss tangent at high frequency, broad temperature, humidity ranges ideal for changing interconnect environment
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Carbon fiber composite raw material background

Sumitomo Expands Epoxy, PES Offerings for Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composites

New easier-processing epoxy, PES grades specifically developed to meet growing demand for carbon composites in aviation/aerospace
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Color paint cans

Sumitomo Introduces Three new PES Grades to Paint, Coatings Formulators

Polyethersulfone Offers Formulators Broader Options when Producing Coatings for Higher-Performance Applications, Water-Based Products
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Optical fiber cable with binary code

Three New LCP Grades Specifically Formulated to Meet Changing Needs of High-Speed Connectors

Three New LCP Polymers Address Concerns for Higher Speed Data Transfer without Signal Loss, Distortion, or Interference
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Woman Working with chemicals

PES Membrane Separation

Designers of high-performance filtration applications are increasingly specifying the engineering thermoplastic polyethersulfone (PES) for separation membranes owing to the polymer’s performance and its microporous structure, which make PES an effective filter medium.
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