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Manufacturing, Marketing, and Selling of SUMIKASUPER™ E101:

Wholly aromatic polyester resins in SUMIKASUPER E101 Series have excellent abrasion resistance, self-lubricating properties, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

When added to solid lubricants such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resins and graphite, SUMIKASUPER E101 makes them resistant to abrasion and compression creep and improves their sliding properties.

For information regarding Sumitomo Chemical’s Super Engineering Plastics please contact anyone below for all products and applications:

Edson Ito
Director of Advanced Polymer Technology
Phone: (602) 659-2508

Anthony Verrocchi
Technical Business Manager, Advanced Polymers Division
Phone: (859) 304-2089

Deanne Burke
Business Operations Specialist
Phone: (602) 659-2532

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