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PES GrindingManufacture and Sales of Specialized Grinding used in advanced composite industries.

Grinding of PES Modified Resins:

In 2013, we finished our state of the art grinding facility, which will primarily be used for modified PES resins for the aerospace and other composite industries.

grinding facility photo

Our Grinding Facilities

grinding facility photo


grinding particle reduction photo

Particle Size Reduction

Project History:

  • Equipment Selected – March 2012
  • Maricopa County Air Permit Granted – July 2012
  • Completed Construction Drawings – September 2012
  • Started Building Construction – November 2012
  • Completed Building Construction – January 2013
  • Equipment Installed and Commissioned – March 2013
  • Start-up and Testing Completed – April 2013
  • Completed Qualification Lots – May 2013
  • Received ISO9001 Certification – June 2013

Product Characterization:

  • Particle Analyzer (Malvern Mastersizer 2000)
  • Moisture Content (Mettler Toledo V20 Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator)
  • Sample Weighing (Mettler Toldeo MS204S Analytical Balance)
  • Metals Content (Perkin Elmer Optima 8000 Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP))
  • Ash Content (Sentro Tech ST-1200C-458 Muffle Furnace)

For information regarding our PES Modified Resin Grinding operations, please contact:

Edson Ito 
Director of Advanced Polymer Technology
Phone: (602) 659-2508

Tim Spahr 
Business Manager, Advanced Polymer Division
Phone: (248) 938-1431
[email protected]

Roni Catlett
Sr. Business Operations Specialist
Phone: (602) 659-2542
[email protected]

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